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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date Author
300ABCDSupportNewNormalEditorial notes: SourceInstitutionID02/21/2017 02:09 PML. Lertsutham
299ABCDSupportNewNormalcreate controlled vocabulary: PalaeontologicalUnit-Completeness02/21/2017 02:10 PML. Lertsutham
298ABCDSupportNewNormalEditorial notes: Unit02/21/2017 02:12 PML. Lertsutham
297ABCDSupportNewNormalRules in Content02/21/2017 02:12 PMM. Petersen
296ABCDSupportNewNormalNotes in Content02/21/2017 02:14 PMM. Petersen
295ABCDFeatureNewNormaladd a flag or other elemnt to indicate index vs. display texts01/23/2017 01:52 PMM. Petersen
294ABCDBugFeedbackNormalrename duplicate element PermitG. Dröge11/26/2018 09:51 AMM. Petersen
293ABCDSupportNewNormalremove DayNumberBegin & DayNumberEnd elements01/23/2017 01:22 PMM. Petersen
292ABCDSupportNewNormalremove Element TimeZone02/21/2017 02:39 PMM. Petersen
290ABCDFeatureNewNormalAdd elements to reference external identifierA. Güntsch01/23/2017 12:54 PMM. Petersen
288ABCDSupportNewNormalControlled Vocabulary for HigherTaxonRank / HigherTaxonName01/23/2017 12:05 PMM. Petersen
284ABCDSupportIn ProgressNormalSpelling of Elements in Container UnitAssociation02/23/2017 01:46 PMM. Petersen
282ABCDSupportNewNormalMetadata: Develop a list of recommended terms for GeoEcologicalTerm02/21/2017 03:23 PMB. Baltruschat
262GBOLDataNewNormaltest new AlgaTerra source with DB 8219_D03_030 in the EDIT importK. Luther10/24/2016 04:51 PMG. Dröge
261GBOLDataNewNormaltest new AlgaTerra source with DB 8219_D03_030 in the GGBN SandboxG. Dröge11/25/2016 04:06 PMG. Dröge
225GBOLSupportNewNormalWorkflow Löschen von Records (Diskussion)G. Dröge09/24/2016 08:13 AMW.-H. Kusber
222GBOLDataNewHighexport für Henning aus AlgaTerra Übersicht Strain/Aufsammlungen/BilderG. Dröge09/23/2016 02:07 PM10/20/2016G. Dröge
214ABCDSupportNewNormalZoology: Authors and year of new combination identified for unit02/21/2017 03:24 PMM. Petersen
208ABCDSupportNewNormalCollection owner vs. person representing collection owner02/21/2017 03:26 PMM. Petersen
196AlgaTerraDataNewNormalHustedt-NamenW.-H. Kusber07/27/2016 06:42 PMW.-H. Kusber
180ABCDFeatureNewNormalRevise IPR / Copyright sectionJ. Holetschek01/23/2017 11:30 AMA. Güntsch
144ABCDFeatureNewNormalElements for Display01/23/2017 11:29 AMA. Güntsch
143ABCDFeatureNewNormalElement HTTP-URIs01/23/2017 11:29 AMA. Güntsch

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