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Total time: 40.20 hours

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TF Policies02/03/2017K. BarkerDevelopment#247Recommendations uploaded to ABS clearinghouse 0.50
TF Policies02/03/2017K. BarkerDevelopmentSupport #353: Redraft FAQ8.00
TF Communications and Outreach02/03/2017K. BarkerDevelopmentSupport #280: GGBN 2017 Newsletter ideas and assignmentsDraft outline distributed to communications and outreach task force1.00
TF Communications and Outreach02/03/2017K. BarkerDesignTask #427: update membership application form0.25
GBOL10/24/2016G. DrögeDesignData #239: create mapping for new AlgaTerra collection to enable proper ABCD import test within EDIT1.00
GGBN Portal Software10/17/2016G. DrögeDevelopmentFeature #231: implement full text search for certain fields4.00
GGBN Portal Software10/07/2016G. DrögeDevelopmentFeature #231: implement full text search for certain fields5.00
GGBN Portal Software10/07/2016G. DrögeDevelopmentBug #237: Acis trichophylla G.Don in suggestion list without hits3.00
GGBN Portal Software09/28/2016G. DrögeDevelopmentFeature #209: switch to feed service also for the core file5.00
GGBN Portal Software09/09/2016G. DrögeDevelopmentFeature #158: support gel image and ABS facts (DwC-A)5.00
GGBN Portal Software06/12/2016G. DrögeDevelopmentFeature #145: Switch counts on start page to API as source1.00
GGBN Portal Software03/22/2016G. DrögeDevelopmentBug #154: Tree view for NMNH not working0.25
GGBN Portal Software09/01/2015P. KelbertDevelopmentBug #84: Internal Error for certain BGBM record0.10
GGBN Portal Software08/13/2015P. KelbertDesignFeature #59: remove placeholder "some column on the left"0.10
GGBN Portal Software08/13/2015P. KelbertDevelopmentFeature #6: Catch error messages5.00
GGBN Portal Software08/13/2015P. KelbertDesignFeature #41: Highlight the search term in the greyish part if search term matches with a synonym1.00


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