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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date Author
611FeatureResolvedNormaladd guid to DwC-A feedJ. Holetschek06/18/2019 01:09 PMG. Dröge
570FeatureNewHighenable contacts associated to more than one institutionG. Dröge11/23/2018 04:57 PMG. Dröge
528FeatureNewNormalEnable search for Altitude and DepthG. Dröge10/20/2017 01:35 PMG. Dröge
527FeatureNewNormalEnable display of depth for Darwin Core recordsG. Dröge10/20/2017 01:30 PMG. Dröge
518FeatureNewNormalhigher taxa not yet case insensitiveG. Dröge09/11/2017 04:01 PMG. Dröge
514FeatureNewNormaladd link from members tables list back to members start pageG. Dröge08/22/2017 04:53 PMG. Dröge
507FeatureNewNormalMembers page: add member count to headerG. Dröge07/31/2017 03:35 PMG. Dröge
499FeatureNewNormalimplement link to general collections policiesG. Dröge05/02/2017 05:00 PMG. Dröge
498FeatureNewNormalImplement Usage StatisticsG. Dröge09/06/2017 03:19 PMG. Dröge
478FeatureNewNormaladd a "change password" feature to the user profileG. Dröge01/24/2017 04:30 PMG. Dröge
462FeatureIn ProgressNormalenable resetting the password and add information on how to request an accountG. Dröge01/19/2017 07:30 PMG. Dröge
448FeatureNewNormaleVoucher not yet displayed properlyG. Dröge11/25/2016 04:11 PMG. Dröge
415FeatureNewNormalmove "test mode" icon, since it sits on top of the menu when using smaller displaysG. Dröge11/16/2016 07:09 PMG. Dröge
269FeatureNewNormalimprove UI for AnnoSys linkG. Dröge11/01/2016 01:28 PMG. Dröge
267FeatureNewNormalimplement rdf on portal levelG. Dröge10/28/2016 10:20 AMG. Dröge
264FeatureIn ProgressNormalenable updating through a form for the carousel on start pageG. Dröge10/25/2016 03:52 PMG. Dröge
257FeatureNewNormalget values for suggestion, select and default fields from searchformG. Dröge10/17/2016 04:15 PM09/29/2016G. Dröge
253FeatureNewNormaluse case complete diatom recordG. Dröge10/15/2016 06:42 PMG. Dröge
252FeatureNewNormaluse case ancient DNAG. Dröge10/15/2016 06:37 PMG. Dröge
251FeatureNewNormaluse case host/parasiteG. Dröge10/15/2016 06:37 PMG. Dröge
250FeatureNewNormaluse case environmental DNA / environmental sampleG. Dröge10/15/2016 06:34 PMG. Dröge
248FeatureNewNormalImprove search across whole GGBN domain10/12/2016 06:34 PMG. Dröge
241FeatureNewNormalimprove display of Explore taxon; switch to GGBN APIG. Dröge10/01/2016 11:53 AM09/22/2016G. Dröge
231FeatureNewNormalimplement full text search for certain fieldsG. Dröge10/17/2016 03:52 PMG. Dröge
229FeatureNewNormalcatch Message "Nothing found check your tripleid" with nice error pageG. Dröge09/28/2016 07:12 PM10/31/2016G. Dröge

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