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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date Author
601BugNewNormalHomonyme nicht sauber erkanntL. Suhrbier04/23/2019 04:14 PMG. Dröge
505BugNewNormalStats repository graph still connected to databaseG. Dröge07/31/2017 03:01 PMG. Dröge
482BugNewNormalannotation button not shown if no parent record existG. Dröge01/26/2017 09:12 AMG. Dröge
481BugNewHighNMNH relations not displayed properly in portalG. Dröge01/26/2017 09:11 AMG. Dröge
463BugNewNormalpreview for html docs not workingG. Dröge01/13/2017 12:41 PMG. Dröge
460BugNewHighFeedback Button causes a lot of spamG. Dröge01/17/2017 01:08 PMG. Dröge
428BugNewNormalKingdom - Scientific Name dependency not workingG. Dröge11/18/2016 09:52 PMG. Dröge
275BugNewNormalsearching for sampletype = environmental sample results in strange countsG. Dröge11/07/2016 07:31 PMG. Dröge
273BugNewNormalsearching for higher taxa no longer working in SandboxG. Dröge11/07/2016 05:15 PMG. Dröge
272BugNewNormalpaging doesn't work in browse featureG. Dröge11/04/2016 04:39 PMG. Dröge
270BugNewNormalimplement facet search pluginG. Dröge11/04/2016 04:09 PMG. Dröge
263BugNewNormalScientificName suggestions gets no results for m,n,p,r,tG. Dröge10/24/2016 04:09 PMG. Dröge
259BugNewNormalcollectiondate from and to not working as expectedG. Dröge10/21/2016 11:48 PMG. Dröge
237BugNewNormalAcis trichophylla G.Don in suggestion list without hitsG. Dröge10/07/2016 11:53 AMG. Dröge
174BugNewNormaladd download feature (see WFO)G. Dröge05/31/2016 02:33 PMG. Dröge
169BugNewNormalRelations DNA-tissue-specimen-living specimen not working perfectly (Copenhagen data)G. Dröge09/28/2016 07:05 PMG. Dröge
156BugNewNormalGPSPreparator - make BackboneHierarchyHandler genericG. Dröge03/23/2016 05:17 PMG. Dröge


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