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Data #48: Copyrights for the backbones
Feature #117: Web interface on web01 for updating the cores
Support #277: Move all project tracking to Redmine
Feature #241: improve display of Explore taxon; switch to GGBN API
Support #453: install plugin for html preview support
Support #459: install addon for resetting the password
Feature #115: Repositories tab: Spell out the institutions – omit the cities
Data #150: 3 units for one record (NMNH)
Bug #156: GPSPreparator - make BackboneHierarchyHandler generic
Feature #570: enable contacts associated to more than one institution
Feature #611: add guid to DwC-A feed
Task #616: Redesigning the portal
Support #493: acronymes used for NGS/HTS
Feature #145: Switch counts on start page to API as source
Bug #169: Relations DNA-tissue-specimen-living specimen not working perfectly (Copenhagen data)
Feature #229: catch Message "Nothing found check your tripleid" with nice error page
Data #230: Check _nc fields in SOLR cores
Feature #257: get values for suggestion, select and default fields from searchform
Bug #259: collectiondate from and to not working as expected
Bug #263: ScientificName suggestions gets no results for m,n,p,r,t
Feature #264: enable updating through a form for the carousel on start page
Feature #415: move "test mode" icon, since it sits on top of the menu when using smaller displays
Bug #428: Kingdom - Scientific Name dependency not working
Bug #460: Feedback Button causes a lot of spam
Feature #478: add a "change password" feature to the user profile
Bug #481: NMNH relations not displayed properly in portal
Bug #482: annotation button not shown if no parent record exist
Data #2: Map Permit for ABCD providers
Data #3: cleaning KindOfUnit (provider level)
Feature #49: Kingdom level in accordance with Catalogue of Life
Feature #56: define model for harvesting statistics
Data #57: Update providers to ABCD2.1
Feature #52: Download function
Feature #62: create SOLR query for IDs for download template
Feature #43: add synonyms for higher taxa to search
Feature #164: reduce number of extra scripts for GGBN updates
Bug #174: add download feature (see WFO)
Support #227: Create API documentation
Feature #228: store search queries
Feature #231: implement full text search for certain fields
Bug #237: Acis trichophylla G.Don in suggestion list without hits
Data #238: SOLR core "backbone" still needed?
Feature #250: use case environmental DNA / environmental sample
Feature #251: use case host/parasite
Feature #252: use case ancient DNA
Feature #253: use case complete diatom record
Feature #267: implement rdf on portal level
Feature #269: improve UI for AnnoSys link
Bug #270: implement facet search plugin
Bug #272: paging doesn't work in browse feature
Bug #273: searching for higher taxa no longer working in Sandbox
Bug #275: searching for sampletype = environmental sample results in strange counts
Feature #448: eVoucher not yet displayed properly
Support #456: try out the yii2-sortable plugin
Task #491: install yii2 swagger plugin
Task #492: add GGBN API documentation
Task #494: try out the yii2-piwik plugin
Feature #498: Implement Usage Statistics
Feature #499: implement link to general collections policies
Bug #505: Stats repository graph still connected to database
Feature #507: Members page: add member count to header
Feature #514: add link from members tables list back to members start page
Feature #518: higher taxa not yet case insensitive
Feature #527: Enable display of depth for Darwin Core records
Feature #528: Enable search for Altitude and Depth
Bug #601: Homonyme nicht sauber erkannt
Data #602: Acanthocephala - Test für Homonym-Regel
Feature #55: test implementation of grbio registry record into GGBN
Task #464: update Background paragraph on "About us" page
Support #495: Best practice for adding and updating institutional metadata in the admin panel
Task #490: corporate design for the GGBN registry and change
Support #279: Outreach Video script
Support #281: Outreach Video Production
Task #487: Newsletter Draft Language
Task #488: GGBN Newsletter Draft Design
Support #278: China National Genebank Testimonial
Task #558: develop charter and update introduction page for the GGBN Data Standard
Data #276: Implement GGBN Data Standard into Arctos
Data #386: Implement GGBN Data Standard into Specify
Task #455: create overview document for sequencing portals, GBIF and GGBN
Feature #248: Improve search across whole GGBN domain
Bug #463: preview for html docs not working
Feature #462: enable resetting the password and add information on how to request an account
Task #489: Test ABSCH API for GGBN
Support #285: Create list of technical requirements regarding permit document management
Support #352: Discuss Technical Requirements with members of IPEN and WFCC
Support #350: Understand and document requirements for sharing information within GGBN
Support #351: Develop and Share Use Cases for sharing permit information
Support #353: Redraft FAQ
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GGBN Library
GGBN Portal Software
GGBN Portal Software -SYNTHESYS NGS Library Prototype 0%
New 0%
GGBN Portal Software -GGBN Portal Software Release 1.3 22%
In Progress 20%
New 0%
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In Progress 0%
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In Progress 50%
In Progress 0%
In Progress 0%
New 100%
In Progress 100%
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GGBN Portal Preparator
GGBN Registry
In Progress 0%
GGBN Task Forces
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TF Communications and Outreach
GGBN Task Forces -General Outreach Video 0%
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GGBN Task Forces -March 2017 Newsletter 0%
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GGBN Task Forces -Asian workshop 0%
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TF Data Standards
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GGBN Task Forces -North America workshop 0%
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New 0%
GGBN Task Forces -GGBN Standard as Global Standard for Implementing Nagoya 0%
New 0%
TF Document Library
TF Document Library -Survey GGBN Library 0%
In Progress 90%
TF Policies
GGBN Task Forces -GGBN Standard as Global Standard for Implementing Nagoya 0%
New 0%
GGBN Task Forces -Identify ways to trace information on genetic resource usage 0%
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