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add guid to DwC-A feed

Added by G. Dröge 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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We now have providers using the same catalogNumber for multiple records so we need to add the "guid" to the feed url, extracting just one row from the bis archive files.

http://bgbm-import/feed/dwca.cgi' .     '?fileStore='. rawurlencode(Yii::$app->params['fileStore']) .     '&baseDirectory='. rawurlencode($basedirectory) .     '&fileName=' . rawurlencode($occurrenceFile) .     '&idIndex=' . $CatalogNoID .     '&fieldsTerminatedBy=' . $fieldsTerminatedBy .     '&fieldsEnclosedBy=' . rawurlencode($fieldsEnclosedBy) .     '&id=' . rawurlencode($unitToFind) .     '&guid=' . rawurlencode($guid) .     '&linesTerminatedBy=' .$linesTerminatedBy .     '&ignoreHeader=' . $ignoreHeaderLines .     '&encoding=' . $encoding 

Example: http://bgbm-import/feed/dwca.cgi?fileStore=ggbnsandbox%2F&baseDirectory=3038760-msb_mammals%2Fmsbmammalggbntest%2Fdefault%2FsmallArchive%2F&fileName=sub_occurrence2.txt&idIndex=14&fieldsTerminatedBy=%09&id=210301&linesTerminatedBy=\n&ignoreHeader=1&encoding=UTF-8

This example currently provides two records...


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I think this is not necessary.

The idea of the feed is to reduce the size of the DwC-A files that need to be downloaded by AnnoSys (especially the large extension files). The result are DwC-A files, not necessarily individual records - AnnoSys will load the DwC-A and find the records in question. So the given example should work, even though the feed returns two lines (but I don't know the URL of the sandbox).

#2 Updated by J. Holetschek 3 months ago

Plus: The feed works as well with GUIDs - just provide the GUID and the column id of the guid.

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